Health Science and Technology

Health Science and Technology is a field that aims to improve human health and well-being. It is based on the application of scientific principles to health care. Health science is a broad field of practice that includes devices, procedures, and systems developed to solve health problems and improve quality of lives.

We will be adding new products recommended by Medic Technology International Pty Ltd, tried and tested over the years. The Oska Pulse and Vera Clean are two products that have both been designed here in Western Australia and both fall in the category of natural health products. i.e. They have no detrimental effects on the body, only positive influences.

Oska Pulse

Oska Pulse:
The Oska Pulse is an ARTG listed Class 2a Medical Device, designed for reducing inflammation and to be used alone or as a supplement therapy for the improved healing of existing conditions, including the treatment of osteo-articular conditions, i.e. arthritis. It mimics the natural electro-chemical activity produced by the body to promote recovery. Compact and portable, Oska Pulse is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative to the long term use of pain killer medication....designed with you in mind!

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Vera Clean: Complete Liquid Science!
With the urgent need for highly-effective cleaning and sanitising products today, VERA has developed a world-first formula to provide a truly transformative cleaning solution for the health of all Australians. VERA is a scientific plant-based paramagnetic molecular formula that is TGA-Compliant and Independently Certified. 
Used By:

  • Alexander Heights Tavern, WA.
  • Rehabilitation Centres.
  • Government Schools.
  • Pre- Primary Schools. 
  • Turtle Resort QLD.

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